Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hot Job of the Week!

This weeks hot job is:

An outstanding Quality Engineer located near beautiful Blacksburg VA, ref code #2400

Located near Blacksburg Virginia, just outside of the West Virginia border, our client is an automotive business unit of a privately held global manufacturer of innovative products that supplies to a diverse marketplace. With over $680 million in sales for 2003, they have been in business for over 150 years and are a well established industry leader that continues to grow by constantly expanding its product line and adding key acquisitions. As this is a confidential search, further information about the company will be provided by the account executive if you are contacted for an interview.

An equal opportunity employer, our client is committed to employee diversity.

***Your application will be held in the strictest of confidence. Your resume remains ‘your property in our possession’ and will not be forwarded to our client without your prior approval. ***

On behalf of our client, due to expansion, we are conducting a search for a Quality Engineer from the automotive industry to join their successful and growing team. The applicant must have experience with product launches and customer interaction as well being self motivated and driven to success.

To be considered for this outstanding opportunity, you must have the following:

· A BS Engineering Degree or Technical related degree is a MUST!
· 3 + years of experience in an automotive manufacturing environment
· Tier II automotive experience, while not required, would be a big plus ++
· Experience with product launches is a MUST!

The successful applicant will report to the Quality Manager and handle daily customer interaction, working to insure prompt production and delivery times. The applicant will also be a liaison between the automotive suppliers and manufacturing as well as develop programs for the facility.

Please note that only applicants who meet the required qualifications will be contacted for an interview.

Our client will make an offer within the range shown above, based on the experience and qualifications of the successful candidate

Our client is willing to go up to $65K for the right, qualified candidate. For more information visit our website our contact our office directly.

Record Breaking Quarter

While the job market continues to get better and better, Management Recruiters of Fayetteville follows in step by starting off with an outstanding year to date. Congratulations to John and Pat, our two award winning AEs, and the rest of our office staff for making the first quarter of 2005 the best MR Fayetteville has ever seen. All market data has indicated an increase in hiring in our sector and a decrease in unemployment. What this means is that now is the best time to be looking to make that career change or hiring that top new individual. While this is great news, because of the turn in the job market positions are being filled faster and faster. In other words, hiring officials if you are looking to hire that A player you are going to have to move quicker than ever before because these people are not out there for very long. For candidates looking to make a job change, what this means for you is that you must be firm and decisive because if you don't move quickly, someone else will. With Pat and John well ahead of the pace to make Pacesetter once again, this could be the best year in Management Recruiters of Fayetteville's history.

Our Current Jobs

Looking to make that career change into a position you have been dreaming all your life about? Let us help you!

Quality Engineer near Blacksburg VA
Planner near Wilmington/Fayetteville NC
Production Manager in western SC
Manufacturing Engineer just north of Atlanta GA
Industrial Engineer in the piedmont of SC
Shift Foreman in western SC
Quality Engineer just north of Atlanta GA
Maintenance Engineer near Lexington KY
Shift Supervisor near Greensboro/Winston Salem NC
Project Engineer near Spartanburg SC
Manufacturing Engineer in Charlotte NC
Controller in Charlotte NC
Process Engineer near Spartanburg SC

For more information about these exciting positions, please visit our website at or contact our office directly.

Do you interview well?

Are you a terrible interviewer? Here are some helpful tips from Career Counselor Robin Ryan. You can find more helpful information in her book "60 Seconds & You're Hired!" as seen on Dr. Phil.

Dress UP!
Today, in our more casually dressed workplace, appearance still counts a great deal with employers. Wendy Lovell, an HR Director states, "Too many people - young and old alike - have lost touch with what is appropriate business dress. Sloppy, sexy, sluttish, wrinkled or filthy clothes have no place at work."Dress well and be conservative. Skip the spandex, nose rings, blue hair, huge/baggy tops, t-shirts with obscenities on them, stilettos, low-rider jeans, micro mini-skirts, or underwear as outerwear. "Expecting the employer to 'accept you as you are' is a terrific attitude if you never want a promotion, or hope that we'll never hire you," notes HR Director, Tracy White.To take the guess work out of successful dressing, dress slightly more formally than the average manager. If most people wear slacks and a sport shirt, wear slacks with a coat and tie. Everyone in coat and tie? Wear a suit. Everyone in a suit? Wear your best suit.Neatness is as important as appropriate attire. Shine your shoes. Clothes should be cleaned, pressed and well fit. No tears or missing buttons. Hair should be combed and nails clean and trimmed. Use a light hand when applying makeup and cologne.

Practice your handshake, eye contact, non-verbal communication
Greet the interviewer with a smile, and offer a firm handshake. Nothing creates a poorer impression than a weak, couple-of-fingers handshake. Eye contact is crucial and conveys that you and your message are believable. In the meeting, be sure to not sit there stoically, with a blank face in the interview. You will fail to appear "real" or even "interested" and will come across as robotic, boring and dull. Be yourself, smile, maintain eye contact, and use vocal intonations to make your point so you will seem personable. Movements, gestures, posture and facial expressions are an important part of your overall performance. A sincere smile sends a warm, confident message.

Arrive on time
There is no exception to this rule. Many employers feel that if you are late for the interview, you may never show up for your job. Need I say more? Get the directions, know how to get there, and give yourself more than enough time so that you can arrive early. Wait, and collect your thoughts then open the employer's door about five minutes early.

Inspire confidence that you can do the job
Interviews are not the time to be humble and meek. If you don't express confidence and competency that you can do the job, the employer will recognize that you probably can't do their job. Fill your answers with specifics and frequently give examples of how you've done things well in the past. Employers aren't impressed with vague generalities. Be detailed, but concise whenever you answer. Above all else, don't appear desperate. If you transmit that desperation to the employer in the interview, it can hurt your chances of getting hired.

Bragging or lying are taboo
Selling yourself effectively means giving examples that substantiate your claims. Exaggeration or lying often comes from weak candidates who think they can snow the interviewer. Most employers WILL check out your claims and many a candidate who deceived to get hired was surprised when they were later caught and fired! Just don't do it.

Impress them-hand-write your thank you note
Employers can be influenced once you have left the door. A thank you note can tip the hand in your favor, if the decision is between you and someone else. The employer believes a person who really wants the job is likely to perform better on the job. Your note should be a note card with the words "Thank You" gracing the card's opening page in a professional business-like style. These are available in the local drug store or card shop. Jot down a few lines, thanking them for the opportunity and reiterating a strength or two you would bring as a "valuable contributor to their team."
Typed notes or letters feel like office mail, and emails are discarded and forgotten almost immediately. Handwritten notes (print if your writing is not legible) - are a personal communication. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the extra effort you put into your work, and set yourself apart. Mail your notes within 24 hours of the meeting.

Source: 60 Seconds & You're Hired! Book by Robin Ryan

Monday, March 07, 2005

HOT Job of the week!!

This week's Hot Job is:

National Sales Manager located in Southern, MO
Ref #3007

Located in Southern Missouri just north of the Arkansas border, our client started out as a small local business over 25 years ago and has grown into the nationwide leader of textile machinery that has been manufacturing their product longer than any other company in America. A small company built from the ground up, our client offers great opportunity for advancement and high visibility in this successful, growing organization. As this is a confidential search, further information about the company will be provided by the account executive if you are contacted for an interview. An equal opportunity employer, our client is committed to employee diversity.Are you looking to join a growing and successful company in a highly visible management position? Do you know the sewing machine industry inside and out? Do you love to travel? If you are a confident leader with strong drive and a desire to succeed in business, this is the opportunity you have been searching for. The successful applicant must have a background in managing dealer representatives in the sewing machine industry and will interface with dealers on a daily basis as well networking in the industry and assessing the performance of current dealers.

There is up to $100K on this job + outstanding bonus potential!!! Please visit our website at for more information about this great opportunity.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Congratulations to our AEs!!

Congratulations to award winning AEs, John & Pat who by the end of next week will be soaking up the rays on a beautiful beach for making Pacesetter in 2004. In reward for the outstanding success both of them and our office had last year, John and Pat will be spending a glorious week in Puerto Rico.

If you are looking for a career change or need help in filling a position our Account Executives can make it happen! Contact us today!

Our Current Jobs:

Sr. Buyer near beautiful Florence SC
Planner with some buying experience near Dallas TX
Sales and Dealer Representative in southern MO
Industrial Engineer in the piedmont of SC
Quality Engineer in western SC
Quality Engineer near Atlanta GA
Manufacturing Engineer in the bluegrass state of KY
Purchasing Manager in the bluegrass state of KY
Process Engineer in the bluegrass state of KY
Engineer Manager in the bluegrass state of KY
Cost & Process Engineering Manager in the bluegrass state of KY
Buyer in the bluegrass state of KY
Project Engineer near the Greenville/Spartanburg area of SC
Controller near Atlanta GA
Manufacturing Engineer near Charlotte NC
Production Supervisor near Charlotte NC

As always, visit our website at for more information about these outstanding opportunities or search for us on and

We have filled the Plant Manager position located in OH and the Quality Engineer near Blacksburg VA